How TaeKwondo Lessons can Improve Your Life

Learn Self-Defense and Gain Strength and Endurance

TaeKwondo, the way of hand and foot, a Korean martial art and an Olympic sport, offers its participants the challenge of realizing their potential. You will participate in high energy exercises, a series of kicks, punches,blocks, and forms that will challenge and inspire you to high levels of fitness, health, and expertise in TaeKwondo.


Your weekly instructions in self defense will entail very practical “street” moves that will allow you to evade potentially threatening situations. You will learn how to subdue your aggressor in a confident manner.

Contrary to some critics of TaeKwondo, many leading schools (Dojangs) have integrated street smart self-defense techniques into their classes. In the past, adherents of TaeKwondo were criticized for their formalized ritualistic approach to self defense and lack of practical techniques. This is no longer the case,as indicated by many leading edge schools which now utilize Hapkido, a Korean martial art which emphasizes self defense.

Strength and Endurance

You will be engaged in high intensity cardiovascular classes stressing aerobic and anaerobic endurance with emphasis on execution of kicking and punching techniques.

You can expect to burn over 400 calories per session. Particular attention is given to the core muscles, upper back, shoulders, and legs.

Most students’ adrenalin levels soar when they attempt to keep pace with their Master and instructors.

Increased Self-Confidence

Your instructor will guide you as you progress with your kicks, blocks, punches, and forms (poomse).

With each Belt promotion you will enjoy new self-confidence.

A very challenging activity for a student is the performance of the poomse. Demonstrating competence with the poomse is an integral part of TaeKwondo.

In the reference book, Complete TaeKwonDo Pomsae Book, by S.H. Kim and K.H. Lee, the movement principles of the poomsae are specified.

  • Beauty and power
  • Rhythm from softness and strength of force
  • Technique comes from slowness and rapidness of movement and contraction and expansion of the body

Acquiring Inspiring Friendships

You will be expected to take a strong aggressive leadership position in your practice sessions in order to accommodate your classmates. The end result will be your new found inspiring friendships. You will learn the practical importance of cooperation and teamwork in overcoming challenging situations.

Additionally, you will learn the Five Tenets of TaeKwondo. These are Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit. Students are often reminded of these inspiring attributes during their daily training.

You will discover that your chosen Korean martial art, TaeKwondo, will give you increased self- confidence, strength and endurance, strong self-defense ability and inspiring friendships. More importantly, you will find yourself open to a new dimension of living, which inspires respect and positive interaction with your fellowman.