Self Defense Explored

Remember, physical confrontation should only be used as a last resort. Whether it is a bully at a bar, a criminal on the street, or a big kid at school, there are many negative consequences to fighting of any kind and very few, if any, positive ones.

Avoiding Conflict

You may think that it is not manly or that it is a sign of weakness to back down from confrontation, but it is not. If you can talk your way out of the situation, then you should. People will acknowledge your skills of persuasion far more than the ability to hit someone. If you cannot talk your way around the situation, you should next find a way out without coming into physical contact. This could mean running away, moving closer to an authority figure, or even in some cases merely walking away. Of course, the best way to avoid a sticky situation is to not put yourself into positions where they can occur.


If physical conflict is imminent, make getting away safely your only goal. Do not try to beat the other person or persons up or cause them unneeded pain. There are many legal consequences to assault of any kind and it should not be taken lightly.

The first thing you need to do is find the best way out, and then decide how to get there. If there is something close to you that you can use as a weapon (chair, book, desk, bottle, etc) grab it and do whatever comes naturally. If you throw the item, it could cause the person to become momentarily focused on the object and not you, allowing you to escape. This also disarms you. If you attack head-on, they have a chance at hitting you or grabbing you.

If that didn’t work or there is nothing around you, you should try to dodge and evade until you can escape. If that fails then try to get ahold of their arm or hand to attempt a wrist lock. There are many locks a person can do (such as the wrist lock), but they should only be performed if you are practiced at them. Some locks can be very dangerous and cause permanent damage. You may also want to attempt to plow your way out, if you feel you can.

Last Resort

If nothing else works, don’t be afraid to scream, shout, bite, kick, flail, pull hair, scratch, and the like. The more effort you put up the better your chances of getting out. Never give up and keep as cool and calm as you can and your chances of getting out of your situation well will increase greatly.


Do not do anything that would get you into a bad situation in the first place. Do not try to harm someone else unless completely necessary. Be safe and enjoy life.